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Meet the Wilsons

Mr. Wilson and his wife have invested C$500,000 with a high annual return rate under the help of AI Financial, their children came to AI Financial and successfully borrowed C$500,000 to do the investment. During the year 2020, the terrible year caused lots of people to become unemployed, the Wilson family got a return of over C$200,000 based on their investments.


One of their sons has few individual assets, whereas the high salary helped him successfully borrow C$300,000 from banks to do the investment. Referring to our lowest annual rate, he is supposed to get a return of over C$5,500,000 which can improve the standard of living for the whole family. 


AI Financial provides help for salaried employees and self-employees on analyzing and managing their financial situations to avoid the risk of losing incomes and gain sustainable and stable returns. For the self-employed who need taxation help, CDA is recommended, which has no limit requirement to achieve tax avoidance.

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