VP & Investment Specialist Tiffany

Tiffany Wang

“You deserve better life than you think”

  • Wilfrid Laurier Universtiy, MBA; York University , Finance

  • 持有ESG证书 – RIS (Responsible Investment Specialist)

  • 2021, 2022 MDRT

  • 20+ 国际金融财务经验, 擅长个人, 家庭, 企业的长期投资策略及财务规划

VP & Investment Specialist Tiffany

Tiffany Wang

“You deserve better life than you think”

  • Over 20 years practical experience in finance field specialized on long-term investment strategies as well as the financial planning for personals, families and enterprises.
  • 2021, 2022 MDRT
  • ESG Certificate – RIS (Responsible Investment Specialist)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University, MBA
  • York University, Finance
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与Ai Financial一起投资

INVEST with Ai Financial


在Ai Financial金融体系中, 选择投资拥有正确三观,即是能为社会做出奉献,承担社会责任的企业,因为只有这样的企业才能创造真正的社会价值; 只有创造了社会价值, 才能帮助客户真正的盈利。  

基于这样的理念,Ai Financial 做到了过去十年平均复利回报21.6%。 

我们通过找到龙头板块的龙头企业进行投资, 以达到持续、稳定的长期收益。


Ai Financial 通过加拿大正规基金、银行、保险公司平台, 为客户管理各种加拿大基金投资, 包括但不限于:

  • 低息贷款投资(Investment Loan)
  • 保本基金投资(Segregated Funds)
  • 账户管理(包含并不仅限TFSA,RRSP,RESP,Non-Reg等)
  • 税务规划以及合法避税(Tax Planning)


What we do

In the Ai Financial system, selecting investments with the right values means choosing companies that contribute to society and assume social responsibilities. Only such companies can create true social value; and only by creating social value can they help clients achieve real profitability.

Based on this philosophy, Ai Financial has achieved an average compound annual return of 21.6% over the past decade.

We invest in leading companies within key sectors to achieve sustainable and stable long-term returns.

How to do

Ai Financial, through regulated platforms in Canada such as mutual funds, banks, and insurance companies, manages various Canadian fund investments for clients, including but not limited to:

  • Investment Loan
  • Segregated Funds
  • TFSA, RRSP, RESP, Non-Reg,  etc.
  • Tax Planning

Through compounding and leverage, we help clients achieve early retirement, financial freedom, and harness the power of financial instruments to create a wealthier life for Canadian residents.



或者,你希望能以更大的原始金额进行投资,但没有足够的闲置资金,我们推荐你可以使用杠杆:投资贷款。 它具备多种优势,包括帮助您减税和每月不用还本金。







How to Invest with AiF

Customized Solution

AiF formulates investment plans based on customer situations and needs.
You can start trying dollar-cost averaging at a price lower than 100 Canadian dollars, or invest in funds using accounts such as TFSA, RRSP, etc.
If you wish to invest with more of your own funds, segregated funds are a wise choice for long-term investments. They invest in multiple companies, diversify risks, and allow you to access a broader asset allocation.
Alternatively, if you desire to invest with a larger initial amount but lack sufficient idle funds, we recommend leveraging: investment loan. It offers various advantages, including tax reduction and no monthly principal repayment.
We advise you to have a one-on-one discussion with financial professionals to tailor a financial plan and investment portfolio that aligns with your specific circumstances and goals.

Fund Selection

The AiF investment team selects funds for you.
AiF adheres to value investment principles and selects leading companies in leading sectors to fundamentally mitigate potential investment risks.
We choose capital preservation fund products, and the main investment directions for 2023 include high technology, healthcare, sustainability, ESG, and more.
The selection and allocation of funds will be adjusted based on individual circumstances and financial goals to better create wealth for you.
All funds are open-end funds, and you can find their historical performance information online.

How To Apply

Upon receiving your confirmation, AiF will complete all fund purchases or loan application processes on your behalf.
During this process, you may need to check emails, sign authorization documents, or provide materials required for the loan.
Your account will be established with an insurance company, fund company, or banking system, AiF only has management authority and cannot directly operate the funds. Any adjustments or operational recommendations regarding the funds by AiF during your investment journey will require your authorization to proceed.

Market Tracking

AiF Research Institute continuously tracks and analyzes the market, making timely adjustments and responses. If there is a need to adjust fund allocations, clients will be notified and confirmed via email.