后端开发 - 实习生

Intern - Back End Developer


AI Financial 在金融投资行业已有二十多年的历史。我们坚持价值投资,并且我们相信只有对社会负责的公司才能真正帮助客户获利。从我们开始金融业务到现在,没有客户遭受损失。与资金和保险公司合作,我们为客户选择适合他们的基金产品,并管理各种类型的投资账户,如TFSA,RRSP等。同时,我们帮助客户申请加拿大无担保低息投资贷款,以实现财富自由和金融杠杆。AI Financial 是一个快速发展的金融公司。我们正在招聘思考者、学习者和团队合作者。我们希望与团队一起成长,共同探索新的冒险。

我们正在寻找一位才华横溢且专注的开发人员,他愿意帮助我们构建内部和外部在线 Web 应用程序。 核心技能是在 Google Cloud Platform 上使用 Java 和 Python 开发后端 Web 服务。 理想的候选人应该具有深厚的计算机科学背景,具有扎实的 OOP 和软件架构技能。 这个人应该喜欢为他们的代码编写优秀的文档和测试。


  • 需要精通英语和普通话。


  • 快速的职业发展
  • 巨大的尝试机会和成长机会
  • 一个互相帮助和支持的团队环境,其中认可和反馈被视为最重要的


  • 开发处理、分析和可视化数据的网络应用程序。
  • 使用现代行业采用的语言和框架开发多平台应用程序。
  • 确保应用程序安全地与多个API和数据库进行交互。
  • 与客户或产品经理合作收集和评估用户需求。
  • 根据桌面、平板和手机等各种设备尺寸实施线框图和模型,并使用js开发和设计可重用组件,实现响应式和交互式设计,并确保跨浏览器兼容性。
  • 管理时间敏感的更新,包括内容更改和数据库升级。
  • 计划、编写和调试完全准确的网络应用程序和软件。
  • 积极推动流程改进,并提升工作流程。


  • 对Web和应用程序开发语言和工具有深入了解,包括:Java, SPRINT BOOT
  • MySQL和其中一种NoSQL数据库,如NDB、Mongo、Dynamo、Couch等。
  • 构建REST API的经验
  • 理解Web开发,具有先前的经验,包括:JavaScript(Angular/React/Vue)、响应式框架-Bootstrap、HTML、CSS
  • 熟悉数据结构、算法、设计模式和计算机科学原理
  • 熟悉Git
  • 熟悉软件开发生命周期和敏捷方法论
  • 具备编写清晰、简明和简洁代码的能力
  • 愿意学习和实践
  • 具备单元测试和端到端测试方法的经验


如果你对这个职位感兴趣,请将你的简历发送到 info@aifinancial.ca ,邮件标题命名为 “AIF – back end intern

About AI Financial

AI Financial has been in the industry of financial investment for more than two decades. We insist on value investing, and we believe that only socially responsible companies can truly help their clients make profits. From the start of our financial business to now, no clients suffered losses. Working with funding and insurance companies, we select the fund products suitable for our clients as well as manage various types of investment accounts such as TFSA, RRSP, etc. At the same time, we help our clients apply for Canadian unsecured low-interest investment loans to achieve wealth freedom with financial leverage.

We are looking for a talented and dedicated developer who would like to help us to build out our internal and external online web applications. The core skills are developing backend web services in Java & Python on Google Cloud Platform. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in computer science with solid OOP and software architecture skills. This person should enjoy writing excellent documentation and tests for their code.


  • Developed web applications which processed, analyzed and rendered data visually.
  • Developed applications across multiple platforms using modern industry-adopted languages and frameworks
  • Ensured application security to interact with multiple APIs and databases.
  • Gathered and evaluated user requirements in collaboration with clients or product managers.
  • Implemented wireframes and mockups for various device sizes such as desktops tablets and phones, develop and design reusable components using React.js, implemented responsive and interactive features into the design and made sure it is cross-browser compatible.
  • Managed time-sensitive updates, including content changes and database upgrades.
  • Planned, wrote, and debugged web applications and software with complete accuracy.
  • Actively generated process improvements and championed workflow enhancements.


  • A strong understanding of web and application development languages and tools which include the following: Java, Spring Boot
  • MySQL and one of the NoSQL databases such as NDB, Mongo, Dynamo, Couch, etc.
  • Experience building REST APIs
  • Understanding of web development, previous experience in: JavaScript (Angular/React/Vue), Responsive Framework – Bootstrap, HTML, CSS
  • Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms, design patterns, and computer science principles
  • Comfortable in Git
  • Familiarity with software development life cycle and agile methodology
  • Experience with writing clear, straightforward, and concise code
  • Willingness to learn and practice meditation
  • Experience with unit testing and end-to-end testing methodologies

We want to hear from you!

Please send your resume to info@aifinancial.ca with the subject “AIF – back end intern